7-7-13 Hello everyone-My First Blog

Hi. My name is Susan Blackwell Endres. This feels like my first date. I’m new at this, so bear with me as I learn. If I sound silly or ridiculous, please forgive and don’t judge…above all, be nice. If you have any suggestions to help me make it better for everyone, please give me a clue. I love to learn.

This blog is to help anyone that I can with what I find in my studies for better health. I really love learning about Preventive Health Solutions. I figure it may cost more up front for me, but I hope it will keep me from having to try to get better after the fact, which seems to take twice as long and interrupts my life. I like taking responsibility for my own health, not waiting for someone else to treat me after I get ill.

I believe God gave us the plants of the earth to use for our Good Health. We just have to find out how to use them. If we are to be responsible for ourselves, then we have to put the work into ourselves.

So let me just get going with what I’m going through now. Maybe I can help you.

Poison Ivy

I used to be immune to Poison Ivy. I’ve been in and around it for all my life and not been bothered by it…till two years ago. I had the absolute worst case I could imagine. It was all over my body! I even felt like I had it internally, although that’s probably not possible. Haven’t checked that one out yet. Anyway, I felt jittery I itched so bad!

After two weeks, and it wasn’t getting any better with all the stuff on the store’s shelves, I started my internet search. There are a lot of sites that tell you what works, and it might for some (or even you), but I tried a bunch…and they didn’t work much better than the stuff I already had. I happened upon this one site, and the guy was giving steps to take that really worked for him. Well, I had to try them, since they were different than the others.

This is what helped me: 1) Shower in as HOT water as you can stand. 2) Use Dawn Dish Detergent (it helps with the oils in the sores). 3) Use a Scrub brush (bath brush), and really scrub good because it feels REALLY good! 4) Use a new towel each shower so as not to spread it, and dab dry. 5) Now, hit it with a Blow Dryer on High Heat. It burns like heck!…and feels so good at the same time. I held it about 8-10″ away, and moved it around a bit. 6) Put some Calamine lotion on them to keep them dry. If they are seeping a lot, put a cotton patch on them and wrap them in some sort of wrap so the oils don’t spread.

I just got a few spots on the side of my leg the other day I thought were mosquito bites, so of course I was scratching them. Then I realized a couple days later that they still itched and weren’t healing, and then it hit me…uh oh, this could be poison ivy again!  So, guess how I could tell it WAS poison ivy?!  I went for the blow dryer. Try it!  If it’s just a mosquito bite or something else, when you hold the blow dryer on it for several seconds, it won’t burn like heck.     Well, mine did!  I think it burns (and it is very localized to the sore) because it’s burning the oil out. Just my guess, but makes sense. When I did those things I mentioned above, the sores went away pretty fast!

Try it and share your experience. You may have some other ideas. Please share, whether they did or did not work. I really like not re-inventing the wheel.

God Bless

Susan Endres